116 year old gogo celebrated her birthday and she told the SECRET to stay young

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  Reaching the age of 100 is a milestone in itself, but Gogo, 116, has taken it even further.

  The gogo is celebrated by her big family and they are very grateful that she is still pushing through life even today.

  Lomaranga Masuku is 116 years old and recently celebrated her birthday on January 1, 2021.She was born in 1905 and has been living her colorful life ever since.Her family wanted to make sure she had a great birthday and celebrate it with her.

  Mashra talks about her Lomalanga's life story and why her family appreciates her so much.

  Lomaranga started out small. She used to sell vegetables, sugar cane and other foods that she grew on her farm.She also made and sold her own brooms.Loma Langa uses the money she raises from her business to support her family.

  She also gives some advice to great-granddaughters on how to stay young in old age.

  "She'll tell me to eat healthy and be active. My great-grandmother says that I must always respect everyone I meet and pray daily if I want to reach her age," said Mashra. 

  Mashra was charmed by the fond memories of Lomaranga's later years.Mashra says her great-grandmother is still good at telling them useful stories and fairy tales.She wished she could live longer.

  "We wish that she can live for many more years to come. When anyone gets into trouble, we all go to her and let her know. She'll always have advice and always gets your problem fixed." 

  Gogo Lomaranga recently celebrated her 116th birthday surrounded by her close family. God bless her!

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