The owner puts the new kitten on his lap, the cat mom's reaction melt the whole net

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  We all know that moms can be protective of their babies. There's a strong bond between mother and child.It is just how they are, and we love them for it. After all, they do everything they can to keep us safe, warm, and protected.

  However, that protectiveness isn’t just found in human moms. It can be found in just about every mom out there, including feline moms.

After this gorgeous black and white cat mom gave birth to kittens, she can be seen tending to her new litter in a box filled with soft blankets.

Her excited owner picks one of the kittens up to give her some pets while the mom cat can be seen in the background never once taking her eye of her baby.

The man puts the small creature on his lap and enjoys a brief moment with this adorable bundle of fur – that is until the baby kitten starts to cry.

All moms can relate to the moment you hear your baby cry and the urgency you feel in attending to your child. The same can be seen in this cat mom.

Suddenly, mom, who was curled up in a box on the floor, became instantly alert and looked up and over towards the kitten.

She knew it was time for her kitten to come back to her. The time to meet and play with the resident humans was over.

She leaps out of her box and starts making her way toward her needy baby. Jumping onto the man’s lap, he tries to reassure her that her baby is okay but she clearly has other plans.

From the side, she stretched up to get a better view and sniffed the kitten.Her mind must have been made up after examining the situation, because she immediately jumped up onto the person’s lap and next to her meowing baby. She had decided that it was time for her kitten to return to the box.

Taking her baby by the scruff of its neck and carrying him back to the box she then starts cleaning him.

After making sure her baby was safe, the mother cat lied down and relaxed again. The kittens then nuzzle up to their mother and seem more content.

As for this particular kitten, he was once again reunited with his mom and siblings. Mom got comfortable and relaxed once again, and the kittens began to nuzzle up to her and settle down as well.

The small kitten had his adventure for the day, but now he was safely back in the box with his family. He would have plenty of time to interact with the humans again as he got older, but right now, mom knew exactly where he needed to be – home with her.

In that moment in that little kitten’s life, everything was right with the world.

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