Lady Who Tiles Floors For A Living Showcases Her Hustle, Going Viral On The Internet

Josephine 08/01/2021 Report I want to comment

  A hardworking woman who has created an online backlash after she shared a photo of herself tiling a client's bathroom on Twitter.

  The lady said she could finish the work on Sunday,January 3rd.In her post she made on the same day, the tiler  attached the "before" and "after" photos of the restroom.

  The first and second frames show the bathroom in a very rough state while the third reveals the lady's finished work.

  She posted on Twitter:

  As her tweets went viral, many people came to her comment section to comment on what she had done.While many praised her, others said she left much to be desired.

  Below are some of the reactions:

"I'm always a positive guy when it comes to hard work but I feel like something is missing, the finish is acceptable but not class, DM me I show you around and will help brother. Must builders lack planning & innovation when it comes to bathrooms, toilets, etc." 

"Segregate the bathroom & toilet area for all your future designs to enhance privacy and hygiene." 

  "Good hustle but the filling is not very clean. I believe you are destined for great jobs, you will have to make some tile-laying researches to perfect your passion. Even choice & blending of tiles." 

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