The true meaning of JESUS decending with the clouds

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 Have you ever caught a glimpse of something truly amazing and had to do double take, you know, just in case it was eyes playing tricks?  What do you see when you look at the clouds? Life can be hectic at times, whether its work related, personal or anything in between. The simple act of looking to the skies offers the much-needed break we seek on a daily basis. Here we can gain a new perspective or even receive the answers to our woes. It’s at that point that we realize we truly do have an amazing God watching over us from above. Here are a few incredible photos that capture something truly beautiful in the sky.

  Take time to look through these spectacular cloud images and reflect on the word of God. Pray along with each devotional and ask God to work in your life!

Resurrection Life

  Occasionally, especially as we get older, we begin to wonder what our legacy will be. What will we have accomplished with our life that will endure after we’ve left this earth? Are we truly living out of our God-given purpose, or are we settling for less?

  We tend to let our circumstances dictate how we feel, which in turn influences how we act. When we attach this kind of power to events beyond our control, we set ourselves up for dissatisfaction, disappointment, and discouragement. With this bleak mindset, soon it seems as though nothing matters, that regardless of what we do, it doesn’t really change anything.

  This is not living in the abundant life of the resurrected Christ. Circumstances remain beyond our control, and our souls will ache with the painful weight of disappointment sometimes. But when our hope is in Christ, we can see beyond our momentary discomfort. We can trust God with our past, present, and future, including our legacy.

  Pray: “Jesus, thank you for rising from the dead and bringing abundant life. I want to trust you fully, knowing that what I do is meaningful for your kingdom.”

The Gift of Laughter

  When we think about praising God, we often consider praying and singing as our primary ways, which they probably are. However, we praise our Father when we stop to admire the beauty of his creation or revel in the goodness of his gifts. One of the most overlooked ways we can worship is having wholesome fun and sharing a laugh with one another.

  Like our tears, laughter binds us together in contagious ways. We appreciate and admire people who don’t take themselves too seriously, who can laugh at themselves or see the humor in everyday life. God shares in our laughter as well. Just as a baby’s giggle or child’s laughter warms the heart of her parents, we know that God delights in our ability to experience the soul liberation that occurs when we laugh.

  Today, look for the lighter side of the situations you encounter. Thank God for your ability to laugh. Praise him for this wonderful gift.

  Pray:Lord, laughter is indeed good medicine. Even when I’m struggling, I’m glad that I can still see the humor in life and laugh with friends.”

The Fruit of Righteousness

  Around this time of year, many people find themselves paying tax money to the government. While they may receive a refund if they’ve already paid in enough tax, others will be required to send a percentage of their wages to support their local and national governing bodies. Based on what you’ve produced, you determine the amount you have to pay.

  While death and taxes have been famously described as the only certainties in life, as Christians we know that God’s promises are the only sure things. Many of the truths found in his Word reveal a cause-effect, action-reaction kind of observation. With righteousness, we’re told that the outcome or fruit produced includes peace, confidence, and calmness.

  These qualities may not be as immediately tangible as tax forms, dollars, and cents, but they are much more valuable than any amount we can imagine.

  Pray:“Father, I want to follow your ways and produce the fruits you have promised in my life. Help me to follow your ways and not my own.”

Christlike Love

  BEHOLD, HE IS COMING WITH THE CLOUDS, and every eye will see Him, even those who pierced Him; and all the tribes of the earth will mourn over Him. So it is to be. Amen.

  Sometimes it’s easy to identify the group, club, company, or team to which an individual belongs. Whether it’s a corporate dress code, a business logo, a particular uniform, or team colors, some details can reveal a lot about our affiliations. Most groups have their own jargon, insider perspective, jokes, and gestures. From the fraternity and sorority to the country club, the boosters’ club to the baseball team, we like to show off our memberships.

  If we’re willing to do this for social groups, businesses, and sports, how much more we should be willing to be identified as followers of Jesus. While we may wear a cross or have something visibly identifying us as a Christian, most people won’t notice those unless we back them up with our behavior.

  The way we love one another tells the world around us who Jesus is and what he’s all about, not just our clothes, stickers, books, and jewelry.

Pray:Lord, let others see you by the way that I love the people around me.”

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